End-of-year health, wellness wrap up plus plans for 2019

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” ― Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Hello, Healthy Boilers!

The 2018 year is quickly coming to a close and at the Center for Healthy Living (CHL) on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus, we are reflecting on all that the past year provided. We love being a part of the Purdue family and playing a role in the health and wellness of the employees and their families. Before we embark on 2019, we wanted to share some highlights from 2018.


2018 wellness highlights


  • Benefits-eligible employees and dependents covered on a Purdue medical plan now have access to the InBody 570 machine. This elite scale produces results for a body composition analysis, muscle-fat analysis, obesity analysis, segmental lean analysis, body composition history and body water analysis. This is what fellow Boilers are saying:
    • “Body composition tracking through InBody has motivated me toward improved diet and exercise. I have appreciated the data specific to certain body areas (arms, legs, abdomen) that has focused my exercise.”
    • “I love lifting weights so I know the numbers on my scale (at home) won’t tell me I’m progressing as fast as I expect. So, getting my InBody every two weeks motivates me to see I’m down 13 pounds but up 3.5 pounds of muscle since I started. The body fat percentage makes sense when I can see my muscle numbers go up. It makes the time I spend in the gym make sense.”


  • In a comparison of the last four-months of 2017 to the last four months of 2018, we saw an 18 percent increase in utilization of services at the center. This includes an increase in wellness/preventive visits, health coaching and urgent (same-day) care visits. Find out about all the services offered at the CHL and if the clinic can support you and / or your family members in 2019!


  • Purdue offered walk-in flu shots this year at the CHL. Since September 2018, we have administered 1,403 flu vaccinations. In addition, we held 12 flu shot events during the month of October around campus with over 80 pharmacy student volunteers and 30 nursing student volunteers. The CHL partnered with the School of Pharmacy and PUSH for the first time to allow both students and faculty/staff to attend the events.
  • CHL staff provided 13 classes to Purdue University employees in 2018. Topics included: Be Active at Work, Blood Pressure Basics, Diabetes Overview, Coping with Stress, Work/Life Balance, Mindfulness, Breathwork for Relaxation, How to say YES, 10 Things Healthy People Do, Skin Cancer Awareness, Which Diet is Right for Me, Healthy Holiday Eating, and Holiday Gift Giving.
  • The CHL offered an extensive pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes education program titled “Taking Control of Your Diabetes” to qualified employees in 2018. This program includes 16 chapters of material covering lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity and medications. Survey results included the comments:
    • “I would suggest this class to anyone with a new diagnosis.”
    • “Very helpful info provided by leaders and classmates.”
    • “Attending this has helped me to get back on track – I’m watching my diet, exercising more.”
    • “Very good information.”
    • “Specifically learning about carbs has helped me to understand them better and to begin losing weight.”


  • The CHL offered the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) to employees in 2018. Biometric results from the program participants included a 4.4 percent decrease in weight, 10.8 percent decrease in total cholesterol, 12.7 percent decrease in LDL levels, 3.3 percent decrease in triglyceride levels and significant decrease in A1c levels. In addition to pounds lost and improved lab values, we received verbal feedback of:
    • “Improved focus”
    • “Started exercising after doing nothing for several years”
    • “I have tried new foods”
    • “I finally have energy again”
    • “Sleeping better”
    • “I’m cooking more and having fun creating new dishes”


Wellness opportunities are many in 2019


As we embark on 2019, our wellness calendar is full of diverse classes and programs covering a variety of monthly health topics.  Both programs mentioned above – the “Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP)” and “Taking Control of Your Diabetes” – will be offered three different times during the 2019 year.  Additional classes covering a variety of wellness topics will also be available and presented by the center’s EAP counselors, pharmacists, dietitian and health coaches. Be sure to stay up-to-date on everything happening and to register for upcoming programs and workshops by visiting the Healthy Boiler portal and clicking on the “Mark Your Calendar” tile. The no-cost wellness workshops are also listed on the CHL’s workshops web page. Also, don’t forget the CHL offers Telephonic Wellness Programs for regional campus employees and for those who don’t otherwise regularly work on the West Lafayette campus.  



Be Well. Be Kind. Boiler Up!



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